womens bible study, bible quotes, bible study for beginners, men's bible study, Community bible study

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A Bible Made for All | Men's Bible Study

womens bible study, bible quotes, bible study for beginners, men's bible study, Community bible study

In such difficult times, we may turn to God for help (for some of us, finally, right?). Men’s Bible Study for All may think that the time of the end is near, or we may simply have more time and energy to delve deeper into the Word of God as we have been wanting to for the past months or even years.

The Bible may have become an obsolete accessory to our lives of faith. They may have now become dusty books used as mere decoration on our shelves, or even a source of comfort as believers “well, at least I have my Bible here with me”. However, have you ever thought about why we even have the Bible? The Bible can seem like such a random, confusing set of books. Why is it so dense? Why does it contain so many books? Why are some books about Jesus, some about the generations of Israelites, and some about a fantastical, scary, apocalypse? These may or may not be questions that you have asked yourself in the past, but aren’t they valid? As believers, shouldn’t we be able to answer such questions about our Holy Scripture? Being able to answer such questions is not just for the purpose of bragging about our knowledge, but it is to be able to really have conviction in what we believe in and know why believe in it. Knowing Scripture can also help us understand God’s intention for everything that He Has included in the Holy Bible.

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." (John1:1)

John 1:1 says “In the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God, and the Word was God”, thus knowing and understanding the Word of God is knowing and understanding God Himself. Similarly, when somebody asks you about who your best friend is, you can most likely talk about them for hours on end. Why is this? This is because we know them personally and have experienced being with them extensively. When it comes to our God, if somebody asks us, who is God? Do we just say the typical words such as “holy”, “good”, “merciful”, “mighty” or can we talk for hours and hours about what He Has been through, what He likes and dislikes, His goals and His plans? If we can do so, can we back it up with Scripture? As it says that the Word of God is God Himself, through Scripture is really the only way in which can get to know God personally, what He Has experienced, what He Has planned, what He loves, what He dislikes, and much more.

 If we are really talking about the God of all creation, the true God, the creator of all that we see, is knowing Him just beneficial for believers or for all humans? If God created all of us, would he not want all of us to know Him and discover the purpose of life through His teachings? As someone who grew up as a non-believer, I would always wonder about the meaning of life. Do I exist just to be born, grow up going to school, work, play, and then just die and disappear forever? Humans are capable of so much good, but so much evil as well. Life is not just a superficial experience, but for most us, it is an experience that is profound. How could such an experience just be transient and meaningless? There is no way. This is what I used to think, and perhaps, these words resonate with you too.

 In the midst of such existential thoughts, I came across the Bible. I initially enjoyed the moral teachings found in Scripture, but soon enough, I found myself having so many questions about the true meaning of what I was reading. There are many teachings, stories, and parables recorded in Scripture, and a lot of them can be quite vague. Although I could try to formulate some kind of message out of certain passages in Scripture, how can I know that it is truly the message that God is trying to communicate to me as a believer?

I was “lucky” enough to come across Bible Study for All, a group of believers and independent missionary teachers who devote themselves to spreading the gospel to all who is willing to listen. Bible Study for All provides different types of resources such as Scriptural Discipleship, Small Group Bible Studies, Scriptural Classes, Men’s Groups, and Women’s Groups to be able to cater to people who are of different backgrounds and walks of life. This is truly what a life of faith should be: to be able to learn the Word of God according to Scripture with other fellow believers who are also trying to strengthen their faith and relationship with God. Being able to delve deeper into Scripture together allows for an environment where many perceptions can be shared, and believers can strengthen and support one another. As recorded in Hebrews 10:25 “And let us not neglect our meeting together, as some people do, but encourage one another, especially now that the day of his return is drawing near.” Just as a family stays together, a spiritual family also exists to be able to share in the joy and hope of God together. Bible Study for All’s website is a platform where believers can easily sign up for any of their sessions and groups, and even receive more information and encouragement through Scripture.

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