Beginning to Understand the Bible After 20 Years

Beginning to Understand the Bible After 20 Years Never Too Late Something that is prevalent, but mostly unspoken, is whether there are opportunities for people to begin to learn how to read and understand the Bible, as an adult. Honestly, are adults expected to join the 5 years olds in Sunday School to begin to […]

A Bible Made for All

A Bible Made for All In such difficult times, we may turn to God for help (for some of us, finally, right?). We may think that the time of the end is near, or we may simply have more time and energy to delve deeper into the Word of God as we have been wanting […]

The 3 Best Bible Stories You May Have Never Read

There are many famous bible stories we have all heard. But amongst the 66 books of the Bible there may be a few biblical figures we don’t hear about too much. Here are a few worth reading this week. 1. Elijah Elijah was a prophet of God and his story can be found in the […]