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Does anyone else have some struggles connecting to other sisters or brothers??

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Hello I'm Gi, 

I just wanted to put this out because I know it's the internet and well for myself it was always a struggle to talk to other christians because it feels like everyone is always competing. I just wanted to ask if anyone has any advice or has experience with that before. 


Thanks ?

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Oh competing in what way?

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I've experienced this before. It makes the conversation awkward. I'd love to hear from others as well

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Hi there ! 

Yeah I had that experience too in the past sometimes. Other believers of my age would be busy with their studies or helping in ministry, and base their identity on their success in it, which led to this kind of competitive atmosphere. 
Luckily, I also find people who were not like that. 

I find this sad though, because Jesus taught us that we should always be humble and treat others as if they were superior to us. Just like when Jesus washed his disciples feet. 

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Hi Gi, I'm Josie. So glad you mentioned this because I always used to feel this way but something I came to realize is that we are all still imperfect. I try not to be bothered by how others act, but I like to follow after the heart of the disciples who were so humble and always wanting to learn. So I focus on my own personal growth. Hopefully I can set an example for others that way too 🙂

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