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Seeking to find a group of sisters in Christ  


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05/09/2020 3:29 am  

Hello, my name is Karen and I am in need of a sister's group. I grew up in a Catholic household, but recently found myself wanting to work on my relationship with God once I had to deal with a lot of personal issues during quarantine. 


My friends and family are not very active in praying nor going to church. Someone recommended this website to me to find a group of young adults active in teaching the Bible? 


I also love baking and dancing, if you would ever like to do zoom fellowship events. I am on California time 🙂 

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29/09/2020 9:48 am  

Hey Karen! 

Welcome and it is nice to meet you! I am also looking for a group of believers to connect to since my circle of friends are not very active either.

What do you like to bake??? I want to bake more!