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Is baptism that important ?  


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22/09/2020 10:02 am  

Hello everyone 🙂 
I know this is a question that causes a lot of debates, but I was wondering if believers absolutely need to be baptized in order to be saved and/or serve in the church ?
I grew up thinking that baptism was only an outward act to show your faith and determination to others, nothing more. But when I went to another church later on, the leaders told me I was not allowed to serve in the worship team if I was not baptized. In another church I visited, they forbid me to eat the bread during Communion because of that same reason... 

So I am little confused... I mean, sure many disciples were baptized in the New Testament, but I don't see any passage where it is emphasized that much. Besides, it is 100% external, right ? It is not as if you were a better believer through it. 

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07/10/2020 8:46 am  

I have the same question too. The thing is many people have gotten baptized. Even one of my friends told me one time that she got baptized but knowing her and her lifestyle, I’m not sure if that means anything. She’s someone you most likely cannot tell that she’s a Christian if you know what I mean....

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18/10/2020 2:07 am  

I'm not sure haha... I didn't receive a clear answer at the church I grew up in. Ultimately, I believe the Bible should be our standard of faith.

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20/10/2020 8:38 am  

Good question! I am catholic so I was dunked in water when I was young, but I wondered why other denominations don't do it like that.