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God in the OT vs God in the NT ?

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Hey everyone ! 
While growing up in church, I mostly heard about God's Love for us, and how He sent Jesus as a sacrifice because of that love (John 3:16 etc.). But when I started reading the Old Testament by myself, I couldn't help but be shocked at how gruesome some of God's commands were then (like, annihilating whole nations...). 
It seemed so contradictory with the image of a God of love that transpires in the NT. I know it is an issue that makes many believers stumble, so I was wondering how you guys deal with it. What do you usually answer when questioned ? 

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That's a good question. I'd love to learn more about this as well.

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I was taught that God works in mysterious ways. Not sure if that is the correct answer, definitely not a satisfying one.

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Thank you for asking!! I always wondered this too

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I heard this as well, sometimes I wonder why God is so angry in the OT and why He is so loving in the NT.

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I think we need to continue to understand God's perspective and story of the Bible. Understanding His will from the OT and NT being connected to our salvation, it IS love. But just like how we may express love in different ways, situations, perhaps we can view those events as that? There must be a reason for everything.

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Thank you for bringing up this question. I have question about this as well

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