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A Gateway to God and Christ | Bible Journaling

Faith Maintenance | Bible Journaling

Bible Journaling | A question that many believers may ask themselves is, “How can I grow stronger in faith and maintain my relationship with God during hard times?” In order to answer that question, one will turn to the Word of God to seek guidance and wisdom. By doing so, one has to look towards the Bible in order to draw closer to God. 

For example, if someone you know or even yourself faces a problem, what would they do or you do? It would be to find a solution to the problem right? Of course, that is the most logical thing in response to solving the problem. Similarly, when we feel that we are not close to God, then that’s when one turns straight to the word to seek answers or at least minimize the feeling of being lost. 

Even when it comes to learning God’s word in our lives, we may have lots of things that can hinder our ability to do so. Rather than thinking negatively, we must redirect our thoughts and feelings and look towards God and His word. 

So what is the catch? How can one really grow in faith during hard times? 

How to Grow in Faith | Bible Journaling

It first starts by having a curious mind and willing heart as well as learning to let go from things that stop us from growing our faith. Once we are able to accomplish these steps, then there’s really no excuse for us and we can follow our words with actions. 

For instance, if we are those who truly desire to learn the word during these times of hardship, then we will do whatever it takes to do so. An easy method to do this is to simply to provide online resources that can benefit our spiritual health. In this case, having access to websites that can guide our spiritual well-being that will help nourish our spirits. 

With this in mind, these resources will absolutely assist those who are in need of a spiritual awakening. Not only will this help many, but will also alleviate the gap between us and our heavenly Father. These are made especially to the public who has the heart to learn and an opportunity to stay connected as well. 

The one thing to understand about God is that He does not wish to be separated from His people, but desires to reconnect with them. We can even understand the kind of heart that God possesses from the perspective of a parent and wishing to be their children. As one continues to seek and be drawn to the faith, they are investing in feeding their spirit just as we take care of our physical needs. 

For example, the hope of someone who follows the Christian faith is to have eternal life and inherit the kingdom of heaven. But how can this be done? To answer this question, it can be done if someone has the heart to learn and is willing to reconnect with God through His word. 

Learn with Ease | Bible Journaling

Furthermore, the resources mentioned above can be a great guiding tool as they provide equal opportunity to people who wish to get invested in their life of faith. 

Find a website like Bible Study for All that is a simple guiding tool that allows people to sign up for a bible study, whether that be in one-to-one, small groups, or for a larger class setting. This is such a great resource to have because it connects people to find his or her spiritual mentor, Bible study group, or other Scripture-based community that best fits their current spiritual goals and aspirations. As one goes through the site, they will immediately have access to different resources as the group believes that everyone should have access to Scripture and to high-quality Bible studies that enrich people’s life of faith and strengthen our relationship with Christ. 

Secondly, there are websites where people can read articles about different Biblical topics, find topical verses, and also listen to short audio lessons. These resources are meant to enhance people’s interest to learn the Word and if they have the heart to learn. These are all great opportunities for fellow believers and to the communities they live in as they have the potential to share the gospel. 

The site itself is “a place for those who want to read, learn, meditate, pray, and praise God more and more.” Thus, these resources are beneficial to those who wish to nourish 

In addition, by having these resources as stated before, this will provide people the very knowledge and understanding of the Bible. In other words, these websites will help guide many to learn the word. As one continues to seek and be drawn to the faith, they are investing in feeding their spirits just as we take care of our physical needs. 

To summarize, the most important thing one can do is to look at themselves and ask how they can draw closer to God? To make the answer simple, is to see and understand the thread of connection that ties the Bible together. 

As mentioned before, studying the Word of God is for everyone and anyone who wants to know God, His will, and the purpose of life. It is the highest teaching we can receive and it is the path to the greatest blessing of heaven and eternal life. By investing in these resources, we are able to provide the spiritual tools to our families, friends and peers who choose to follow their heart in our heavenly father. 

For instance, God describes himself as the Word in John 1:1 and how He desires acknowledgment in Hosea 6:6. How is that so? 

If we look at John 17:17, the verse talks about how the word is true and in John 17:3, God is the only true God. So what does this reveal regarding God’s character? It is the fact that He is an entity that is consistent, fulfills his promises and has a track record of being faithful to his people. Thus, to be connected to God and of his Christ means having the word inside of our hearts and minds. 

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