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Seeking for the Bible During Strange Times | Men’s Bible Study

Right now is a very difficult time for many people around the world. Life as we know it has changed drastically. Men’s Bible study was once so freely able to meet with our friends and family at our favorite restaurants, shop for clothes, or take a fun trip to an amusement park. Now because of the pandemic, we are no longer able to do so. When things first began to shut down, we believed this would only last a few weeks.

Several months later and life hasn’t returned back to normal. This has affected many people’s mental health, and ultimately their lives of faith. Even just as human beings, what we need most to survive is community. Our faith can suffer even more when we are not connected with one another like we used to be. Or just in general, when we are going through a difficult time, our faith can weaken, we can be tired, and sometimes we just don’t want to continue on, and that’s when we need people the most. 

Weathering the Ups and Downs | Men’s Bible Study

Over the past few years, I have experienced many ups and downs in my life. As a Christian, I have questioned my faith, my self, and my life overall. I believe many people can relate to this as well. Carrying out a life of faith isn’t easy, but we have to know it sure is worth it. Thankfully, bible study resources are more accessible via the internet.

Bible Study for All helped guide my thoughts through various bible topics, verses, and connected me to small groups. Ultimately, these websites helped rekindle my relationship with God. The foundation of my faith has been rebuilt not on my own feelings, but on God and His Word. I was going through tough situations where I unfortunately let go of my faith. I felt so helpless and broken, I knew I needed God but I just couldn’t hang on anymore. I had many questions that the world could not answer, and an empty heart the world could not fill.

But, really coming to understand God through His Word has helped me understand myself as a child whom He cares about. I am now able to perceive the heart of a parent: God’s great love for His children. Also, I am now able to perceive the love of a spiritual family with brothers and sisters who are walking on this narrow road alongside me.

Is the Bible Only for Tough Times? | Men’s Bible Study

But I would further like to clarify that these resources are not only for when you are getting through a rut in faith, but they should also be used even when we are feeling great. Faith maintenance doesn’t only occur when things get tough, but we should always maintain our faith no matter what season it is. These resources can also be beneficial for those who do not have a life of faith, but are seeking to pursue one. This is a great place to start and get connected to the right people. A little bible study never hurt anybody. 

When it comes to studying the Bible, we shouldn’t take it at face value and think it’s just something we can do for fun on the side or something that will take up our time. In John 1:1, it states that the Word is God. This doesn’t mean that our physical Bibles are literally God, but it means that His will, intentions, and heart are found within the Word. That is ultimately what we are seeking to know and understand.

Think of someone you care about – a friend, family member, or significant other. How does it feel when they say they care about you, but never show it through their actions? They never make time for you, they never reach out to you, but they’re out doing their own thing with other people. Unfortunately, we tend to do this same thing to God. God, who has been working for the last 6,000 years for our salvation is just waiting for us to hear Him, follow His voice and His Word.

Bringing Joy to Our Lives and to the Father | Men’s Bible Study

We must rekindle our first love, and when we put in effort, God will recognize it and bless us beyond our wildest dreams. What could be greater than heaven and eternal life with God, Jesus, and the heavens? When we seek for His Word, we are looking to reconnect with our Heavenly Father. This brings Him joy – he delights in us seeking Him with all our hearts.

Wherever we are in our lives of faith, we could always continue to push ourselves, perfect ourselves, and become more Christ-like! In Matthew 5:48, Jesus states, “Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.” When we think of perfection, we shouldn’t be blind sighted of what the world thinks perfection is. This is perfection according to God’s standard, His Word. 

As it also says in 2 Timothy 3:16-17, God’s Word is meant to correct, train, teach, and rebuke us. As His workmanship, we must be molded by the Word into His image and likeness in order to carry out His work. We must hear the Word, perceive, and act according to His will. Of course, this takes a lot of time – wouldn’t it be so great if we could all just change with the snap of our fingers? It is a long process, but that is why God states His Word will train us. But at the same time, for us to be trained we must put ourselves in the position of being equipped. 

The Bible: The Greatest Teaching | Men’s Bible Study

There are many great teachings of the world; universities such as MIT or Stanford are seen as prestigious, and people who are able to attend are highly respected. Great businessmen are admired. But the greatest teaching we could receive is from our Heavenly Father. In Matthew 24:35 Jesus says, “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.” The Word of God is so valuable because it is the only thing that will never perish. We can even see evidence of this today; God’s Word has been around for the past 6,000 years, first starting small in number to becoming “the most widely practiced religion in the world” today (History). Yes, we have responsibilities in the world – school is important, work is important, our families are important – but the greatest importance in our lives is God and His Word. 

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