Learn the Word of God,
Together in Fellowship.

Bible Study for All believes that everyone should have access to Scripture and to high-quality Bible studies that enrich our life of faith and strengthen our relationship with Christ.

Studying the Word of God is for everyone and anyone who wants to know God, His will, and the purpose of life. It is the highest teaching we can receive and it is the path to the greatest blessing of heaven and eternal life.

If you have been seeking for a community, wanting to get back to bible study, or trying to equip yourself with more understanding, we are here to help.

Connect with us and we'll help you with every step.

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Who are we?

Bible Study for All is a humble community of like-minded believers and ministry leaders who have come together to better connect people to Bible study groups and classes around their area. 

what do we do?

We help people to find the spiritual mentor, Bible study group, or other Scripture-based community that best fits their current spiritual goals and aspirations. According to where you are called, Bible Study for All helps connect you to the right people there.

how did we start?

We started in 2010 with the idea of helping the Christian community get back into the Bible. What better way to do this than to get people connected to a group that has the spiritual goals? We believe in being one as the family of God. 

Experience the power of Scripture by exploring deep into the stories and passages of the Old and New Testament.

Learn about the love of God and Christ, and the message of the cross. See the heart of the Father within His stories.

Enrich your faith-walk and ministry life with enhanced understanding of Scripture and find God's will for you today.

Experience growth and change in your personal character as you exemplify the teachings of Christ and the light of His Word.

To Grow in Faith &
Share our Faith in God
with the world around us.

This is the heart and the mission of Bible Study for All. 
Join us in growing together within the Word. 

Equipping You
to Preach the Gospel
Wherever You Go

The disciples didn’t have a specific time or place where they preached. They preached the Gospel wherever they went, to whomever would listen. 

Bible Study for All aims to equip believers all of backgrounds and situations to be able to testify about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, so that many can be saved through our efforts. 

Personalized scripture study allows in-depth study of the Bible with a spiritual mentor, and offers flexibility in scheduling and lesson pace. Mentors and mentees engage in true fellowship in spirit and in truth, as they cover a variety of Biblical topics in their studies.

Small Group Studies consist of 3-5 like-minded individuals who desire to study Bible by heart, and are offered in the following options: 

• Community Small Groups
• Women’s Groups
• Men’s Groups 

For those who are ready for an intensive, in-depth and enriching dive into the Old and New Testament, our Scriptural classes are lecture-style classes taught by distinguished missionaries and Bible study teachers. Each lecture is supplemented by smaller discussion groups.

Gone are the times of awkward silences at men’s groups, or not knowing what to say. Our men’s groups are structured and guided, and focused on learning the Scripture — not just talking about it. Come learn with us and become equipped with the Word. 

Women’s groups are a very special time of fellowship, sharing, bonding, and growth. Women from all different walks of life come together to share their thoughts, engage in Scripture, and discuss what it means to live as a true woman of God.

Bible resources

For those who want to read and learn the word of God in addition to their study groups and classes are welcome to request study resources and suggestions. We help introduce believers to free resources available online for all to learn the Word free of cost.

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Learn the Word of God,
Together in Fellowship.